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Old Master painting workshop

Old Master Painting Workshop (Instructor: Sharon Irla) - The Old-Master techniques can be applied to portraits, landscape and still-life paintings to create dramatic illumination and realism. This workshop includes all materials, plus five, 3-4 hour, Old Master painting workshops with individualized instructive critque. We will be using fast-drying Griffin Alkyd oil colors. Unlike regular oils, alkyd oils start to dry in about 3hrs. By the following afternoon session, your canvas will be dry enough for the next session. Supplies provided include portable or tabletop easel, Odorless Turpenoid, primed canvas, sun-thickened linseed oil, brushes (you're welcome to bring your favs), paper towels, pallette, painting knives, Windsor Newton Liquin, Griffin Alkyd Oil paints (see colors), and chocolate (your welcome to bring your favs). NOTE: To allow adequate time for personal instructive attention, only a limited number of workshop spaces are available, so are early registration is highly recommended.

CONTACT: irlaart@yahoo.com

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