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Old Master Oil Painting Workshop

Materials List

09/28/14 - 10/04/14

Supplies/Materials: - This includes Odorless Turpenoid, primed canvas, sun-thickened linseed oil, Windsor Newton Liquin, Griffin Alkyd Oil paints, brushes (you're welcome to bring your favs), paper towels, pallette, painting knives and chocolate (your welcome to bring your favs). :

*Linseed Oil (preferably Stand Oil or sun-thickened)
*Windsor Newton Liquin
*8 Primed Canvas or Ampersand Gessobord 10 x 12

Shaders 2, 4, 6, 8
Detail rounds 1, 2

Griffin Alkyd Oil colors:
Burnt umber
Yellow Ochre
Paynes Gray
Raw Sienna
Van Dyke Brown
Yellow med
Cadmium Red Light

Old Master painting workshop

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